Morgan Paige


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I am flirty, seductive yet playful companion who is intelligent and refreshingly genuine. I am about sensual experiences bursting with pleasure.  Open minded, adventurous and extremely outgoing. I'm the girl that's always  "I'm in!"  Well except for sky diving or bungee jumping, I would have to be pushed.

I have a positive outlook on life and am very passionate and ambitious about my career, personal growth and my seemingly endless post secondary education. 

I consider myself  a sensual, fun, kind and loving person who enjoys cuddling and steamy showers for two. I'm your ultimate girl whether you like slow and and furious... to hot and messy

I want to provide an experience that will ensure our affair will not soon end.  It will be filled with steamy episodes of lust, laughs and conversations uniting us over and over again!

My Favorite Things:

  • Driving fast in an exotic sports car

  • Chic Interior Design

  • Elon Musk - Engineer-Inventor-Explorer Biography (It's a must read)

  • Pizza

  • Steamy showers for 2

  • Skiing in the mountains followed by a cozy fire and late night hot tub

  • Prosecco in the hot tub - Prosecco goes with any occasion actually.

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